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Welcome to the Klugh Genealogy* website.

Klugh is the name.
Right from the start, you should know I take genealogical research seriously.
I've included as many Klughs as I could find in North America.
Still, a lot of information is included herein from many Klugh lines.
Hucksterism won't be found on this website as I loathe such practices.
Nor will rumor, hearsay, or sentiment make their appearance here... just the facts.
Again, thanks for stopping by.

Grand Army of the Republic Emblem JOHN KLUGH
(three pages)
John Klugh's Parents - A Proposal
   Civil War Flag

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* Disclaimer:
With all the social media sites on the Internet today, people still want to keep some modicum of privacy. With that in mind, it should be noted that much of the information on this website exists on multiple websites of the Internet and can be found by anyone at anytime, i.e. some information is repetitious across the Internet. Many times people take from one site and transfer the data to another site, and so the question of originality is often raised. Also, a good portion of what's found herein was obtained from personal contacts (see "Contributors" at bottom of "Introduction").
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