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Genealogy Reports for the Lancaster, PA Klughs

The first report was compiled by John Mahey, long time genealogist. I transcribed the Klugh portion from his work, "Descendants of Peter Kluge" - by John A. Mahey - September 2000.

John influenced me greatly on the importance of proper documentation when doing genealogical research, and not relying on sentimentalism or hearsay. He and I went back and forth frequently in emails. He sent me his report through snail mail.

Before his passing in 2010, and after spending a life-time researching his genealogy, John was unable to establish a connection between the Butler Klughs and the Lancaster Pa Klughs. John didn't say the Butler Klughs didn't come from the Lancaster Klughs, but stressed that to date there's no documentation to prove it. We must strive to make that connection by continuing our own research.

NOTE: John's work is on the Kluge lineage (with an "e"). It's possible that the Butler Klughs come from this line, and it's possible they come from a different lineage named "Klug". Just food for thought.

Lancaster Klugh Tidbits:

The second report was compiled by David Arnold from the Klugh/Arnold line.

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Lancaster Pa Klughs through the Arnolds to the Maheys, by John Mahey.
If you get an error message saying the file was corrupted and unobtainable, simply refresh the page. That usually works for me.
Lancaster Pa Klughs through the Arnolds, by David Arnold.
Except for a few different dates, the reports are the same until the divergence of the appearance of the Arnold and Mahey families.

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