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Where They Lived

How many census data sheets were required for each area per decade? The census data sheets for 1790, 1800, 1810, and 1820 allowed for 23 names per sheet, and based on population data, 20 data sheets were required in Butler Township in 1820. 1850 allowed for 40 names per sheet, or 65 data sheets were required in Butler Township. 1880 allowed for 50 names per sheet; 20 data sheets were required in Butler Twp in 1880.

The importance of knowing this is in knowing how many Clughs or Klughs were listed in all the data sheets. Then, comparing this number with the total population and their proximity to each other, we can estimate the feasibility, even without definite proof, of there being any relationship between certain Clughs and Klughs. You'll notice there are older dates in some of the maps. This may indicate the migration of our family line from one county to another.

The numbers under the county names (below this paragraph) indicate how many Klugh family units lived in that county during the 120 years between 1810 and 1930. This doesn't even include the names from the 1940 Census, which I'm still working on. Please note: I entered the names I recognized. There are most likely more names for Butler and Armstrong Counties, especially the latter.

Eight Counties

The maps below are courtesy of US Gen Web Archives and Wikipedia. I added the names, ages and dates in red. The list of names is hardly exhaustive as there are many more, and the names indicate the head(s) of the household. Some family names begin with a "K"; others with a "C". The information is from the Federal Census data sheets and Directories for that decade.

Venango County
Clarion County
Butler County
Armstrong County
Indiana County
Allegheny County
Westmoreland County

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