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Virginia and Carolina Klughs

The following information was given to me by two descendants of the Virginia and Carolina Klughs. Each may appear slightly different from the others, but the vital information is still the same.

NOTE: The information is for the "Klug" lineage - who came from East Prussia (modern-day Poland and east Russia) - and who came into Virginia and then migrated down into the Carolinas (compare this to the "Kluge" line from Lancaster PA).
NOTE: Just click on the links provided. Each file will come up as a Word document. Two grave sites are also included. Pascial is Humphrey's son.

Humphrey Klugh
Michael Klough, Klugh, Klug
Michael Klugh
Rev. George Samuel Klug
Humphrey Klugh Grave Site
Humprhey Klugh
Grave Site
Pascial Klugh Grave Site
Pascial Klugh
Grave Site

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