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Butler Twp1Kittanning Twp2Butler Borough3Kittanning Borough4Butler County5Armstrong County6

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What's the difference between a Township (Twp) and a Borough?
You'll find differences in opinion, and it varies from State to State. A township is a unit of local government, usually a subdivision of a county. A borough is an incorporated municipality smaller than a city. It's usually based on the number of voters in that region. A borough is smaller than a township.

Klugh Frequency*

As of 2011, 557 people in the U.S. have the Klugh name
156 in Pennsylvania12 in Kansas3 in Louisiana
72 in South Carolina12 in Colorado3 in Massachusetts
41 in Michigan11 in North Carolina2 in Alaska
33 in Florida10 in Arizona2 in Tennessee
29 in California9 in Washington2 in Illinois
28 in Georgia8 in Oklahoma2 in Nebraska
24 in Ohio5 in Alabama2 in North Dakota
24 in New York4 in Nevada2 in West Virginia
20 in Virginia4 in Oregon1 in Connecticut
13 in Texas4 in New Jersey1 in Iowa
13 in Maryland4 in Arkansas1 in D.C.

The name ranks 36,878th in the U.S.
South Carolina has the most Klughs per capita (2/100,000).
Pennsylvania comes in a close second (1/100,000).
Kansas and Michigan are tied for third place (5/1,000,000).
Illinois comes in a distant last (2/10,000,000).

* From www.whitepages.com.

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