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Marriage Apps

Below are two requests I made for marriage applications: one each to Armstrong and Butler Counties for copies of marriage apps between four generations of Klughs (I made the request prior to finding Herman & Mary's in W. Vir): Carl & Marie, Herman & Mary, William and Margaret, and John & Liz. Neither county had records for any of their marriages.

Also is the marriage appl for Herman L. and Mary B. (Nolan) Klugh. Mary was originally from Mannington, W. Virginia (see 1930 Census). There's no indication why Herman and Mary went to W. Virginia to be married. Also, Mary's last name is spelled with a "d" (Noland). I suspect this is another clerical error. Records will come up as a PDF.

Armstrong Co. Req
Request to Armstrong County Butler Co. Req
Request to Butler County Marriage Appl
Klugh-Nolan - 1919
Herman L. & Mary B. (Nolan) Marriage Application - from West Virginia!
Marriage Appl
Samuel Chandler is a grandchild of John and Elizabeth and is living with Liz in the 1880 Federal Census. Chandler's mother would have been one of John and Elizabeth's daughters. Marriage Appl
Kline-Klugh - 1911
For Michael Kline and Susan (Susie) Klugh. When asked the date of her previous husband's death, she entered June 20, 1904. NOTE: Our John Klugh died on June 20, 1904!!! Marriage Appl
Klugh-Campbell - 1891
This is for Samuel Klugh, son of Samuel and Catherine (Parchey) Klugh. NOTE: Samuel and Catherine MAY be John Klugh's parents!!! Awaiting further research.
Marriage Appl
Klugh-Claypool - 1894
This is for Jacob H. Klugh and Minerva (Minnie) Claypool. Marriage Appl
Klugh-Fry - 1901
This is for Samuel M. Klugh and Estella (Stella) Fry. It's the first document I've seen where John and Liz are mentioned together! Marriage Appl
Myers-Klugh - 1890
Note: This Klugh is the daughter of William F., married to Agnes Fairlie Klugh, NOT Margaret Irvin.
Marriage Appl
Klugh-Yockey - 1916
This is for Irvin M. Klugh and his first wife, Vivian Yockey. The first news feed article below is for his second wife, Vivian Ramsey. Marriage Appl
Klugh-Barnhart - 1916
This is for Raymond L. Klugh and Margaret Priscilla Barnhart. Marriage Appl
Klugh-Beck - 1917
This is for Lonnie E. Klugh and Florence Beck.

Below, newspaper articles for a few Klugh wedding announcements. There are two entries for "Ida Klugh". One is for the daughter (Klugh-Wimer) of John and Elizabeth Klugh, and the other is for their granddaughter (Klugh-Stewart).
Images courtesy of Ancestry.com and Butler Area Public Library.

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