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The Importance of the U.S. Federal Census

The government is required by Constitutional law to hold a Federal census every ten years. The first Federal Census was held in 1790, and has been held every ten years since, and they have occured in 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010. The population of the United States in 1790 was approximately 3.9 million (for comparison, the present population of Manhattan is approx 3 million). In 2010 the population of the U.S. was just under 309 million people. Most of the 1890 census was destroyed in a fire in 1921 and is unavailable.

The most recently available Federal Census is from 1940. The Fed hangs on to each census for 72 years. This means the census for 1950 won't be available until 2022 (seventy-two years after the date of the census in question). The reason is one of privacy. The Feds figure seventy-two years is long enough so that everyone listed in the census has passed on, and the availability of the data won't infringe on anyone's privacy. The 1960 census won't be available until 2032, the 1970 census in 2042 etc, and the 2010 census won't be available until the year 2082!

There are -812 days until April 2, 2022 (That's when the 1950 Federal Census will be released)!

This genealogy page will provide reproductions for over fifty Federal Census reports. There are many, many more but including them all would be a monumental task. The ones included will yield information about various Klughs from 1810 through 1940 and are restricted to the western Pennsylvania Klughs.

Blank Federal Census Reports will also be supplied just in case you want to see what the originals looked like. As will be seen, the first few census reports were fairly basic and included only eleven headings: the date, state, county, city, page, names of heads of household, free white males under 16, free white males over 16, free white females, all other free persons, and slaves. By 1930, the headings increased to thirty-two. Census records for 1840 and before listed only the name of the head of the household. The other members of the household were indicated by a hash-mark according to age groups. It wasn't until the 1850 cenus that the name of every member was listed.

The quality of some of the reports make them a bit difficult to read. You should look so good when you're in your eighties and nineties. Also, remember that the handwriting is that of the clerk or census taker of the time. Also, for the census' below, some of them will be in your direct line while others may be cousins and/or second cousins, and even once or twice removed.
Census reports are shown below along with family and given names and are labeled. Each thumbnail image is linked. Just click on it and a larger image will appear.
All reports are obtainable from MANY genealogy websites on the Internet and are not exclusive to just one.
Just click on the thumbnail image. I've highlighted some of the family's entry on each census sheet with a RED dot.
The charts will come up as a PDF (Portable Document Format). This will give you the opportunity to make them larger or smaller with the PDF's magification function (a + or - sign) at the top of the PDF page, and with no distortion!
NOTE: Both research and a website take a lot of work. If you borrow anything, please note the Terms of Use.

1940 Census - New!

The difference between this census and past years is that in past years it was possible to look up a family by looking for their last name. That's not possible for the 1940 census. For this census it's necessary to know exactly where the family lived, i.e. their exact address or at the very least, the Enumeration District (ED). Even then, EDs change through the years due to changes in allocation of money to local governments. To make sure I didn't miss any Klughs, I did a sheet-by-sheet search for many EDs.

I visually scanned over 4,000 census data sheets. I did this for every data sheet in Butler County, and more than half of the data sheets for Armstrong County. I also scanned a fair number for Mercer, Venango, and Indiana counties. The Klugh data sheets shown below represent about half of what I found. They are most representative of the immediate Klugh family line in the area. I saved the others to file.
Just click on the thumbnail image for that family. The data sheet will come up in PDF. This will allow you to resize it as you wish. I've also included blank 1940 census sheets at the bottom of this page so you can read the headings of each column. You'll find two of them due to its large size.
I checked each link. They all work on my end. All images courtesy of Ancestry.com who, without their help, this website wouldn't be possible in its present form.

1940 Mary B. Klugh
Mary B. Klugh
and Family
1940 Irvin M. Klugh1
Irvin M. Klugh 1
and Family
1940 Irvin M. Klugh2
Irvin M. Klugh 2
and Family
1940 Dewey T. Klugh
Dewey T. Klugh
1940 Lonnie E. Klugh
Lonnie "Monty" E. Klugh
and Family
1940 Margaret Klugh
Margaret Klugh
with Stewart Family
1940 Raymond L. Klugh
Raymond L. Klugh
and Family
1940 James H. Klugh
James H. Klugh
and Family
1940 Edward Klugh
Edward "Ted" Klugh
and Family
1940 George A. Klugh
George A. Klugh
and Family
1940 James M. Klugh
James M. Klugh
and Family
1940 Immanuel Klugh
Immanuel Klugh
and Family
1940 Anna Klugh
Anna Klugh

1930 Census

Herman, Irvin, Lonnie, Raymond, and Clyde are all brothers. They were sons of William F. and Margaret (Irvin) Klugh. James L. Klugh is a son of James H. Klugh son of John and Elizabeth (Hepler) Klugh. In other words, he's a first cousin of Herman, Irvin, Lonnie, Raymond, and Clyde. I honestly don't know how James M. Klugh is related. He's not in my database. I just thought I'd include his chart in case any of his descendants see this. There's also one for Edward "Theodore" and Edna Klugh.

1930 Herman L. Klugh
Herman L. Klugh
and Family
1930 Irvin M. Klugh
Irvin M. Klugh
and Family
1930 Lonnie E. Klugh
Lonnie E. Klugh
and Family
1930 Raymond L. Klugh
Raymond L. Klugh
and Family
1930 Clyde F. Klugh
Clyde F. Klugh
and Family
1930 James L. Klugh
James L. Klugh
and Family
1930 James M. Klugh
James M. Klugh
and Family
1930 Theodore Klugh
Theodore Klugh
and Family
1930 Clarence Klugh
Clarence Klugh
with Stewart
1930 James L. Klugh1
James L. Klugh-1
and Family
1930 James L. Klugh2
James L. Klugh-2
and Family

Analysis of Herman L. Klugh's Census Chart
Date: April 4, 1930
Enumerator: Jean Mathews McDonell
Enumerator District No.: 10-10
Supervisor's District No.: 7
Sheet No.: 3-B
State: Pennsylvania
County: Butler
Incorporated Place: Butler City
Ward of City: Third Precinct
Address: 517 W. Diamond St.
Dwelling Order of Visitation: 55
Family Order of Visitation: 56

Herman L. Klugh is listed as the head of the household, with his wife - Mary B. and their three sons - Herman E. (listed as Eugene H.), Carl J.D. (does anyone know what the "J" is for?), and Duane R. Klugh. They rent their home and its worth was $20/month. They're listed as white (W). Both Herman and Mary are 30 years old, Eugene is 7, Carl is 3, and Duane is 2 years old. Herman and Mary are married and the kids are single. Herman and Mary were both 19 years old when they were married. None of them attended college. Both Herman and Mary can read and write. All of them were born in Pennsylvania except Mary B. She was born in W. Virginia. They all speak English but no other language. A code #: 58? Herman is a salesman at the meat market and (?) store. Mary isn't employed. Another code #: 4590? Herman's working Class: "W"? Employed: Yes (Herman). Veteran: No (Herman).

1920 Census

Take note that Irvin M. Klugh has two charts. He's listed at the bottom of the first, and his family continues at the top of the second. Note also that the "Vivian" listed is Vivian Yockey. Irvin didn't marry Vivian Ramsey until 1968. Earl W. is his brother, while James H. and Samuel M. Klugh are his uncles.

1920 Irvin M. Klugh
Irvin M. Klugh
and Family-1
1920 Irvin M. Klugh
Irvin M. Klugh
and Family-2
1920 Earl W. Klugh
Earl W. Klugh
and Family
1920 Raymond L. Klugh
Raymond L. Klugh
living with
wife's parents
1920 James H. Klugh
James H. Klugh
and Family
1920 Samuel M. Klugh
Samuel M. Klugh
and Family

1910 Census

William F., Samuel M., James H., and George A. Klugh are all brothers and sons of John and Elizabeth (Hepler) Klugh. Clyde F. is William F. Klugh's son. Ida is William F.'s daughter.

1910 William F. Klugh
William F. Klugh
and Family
1910 Clyde F. Klugh
Clyde F. Klugh
and Family
1910 Samuel M. Klugh
Samuel M. Klugh
and Family
1910 James H. Klugh
James H. Klugh
and Family
1910 George A. Klugh
George A. Klugh
and Family
1910 Ida Blanche Klugh
Ida Blanche Klugh
1910 Albert Klugh Jr
Albert Klugh Jr

1900 Census

There are three:
One for Elizabeth, the matriarch of the Butler Klugh line. She's 67 years old in this chart. Two of her sons, William F. and James H., are listed on the same census sheet, i.e. they all lived on the same street.
The second is for John Clugh (with a "C") and his second wife, Susan. This corresponds to the Kline-Klugh marriage application (see "Marriage" section) where Susan Klugh is asked about the death of her previous husband, and she lists "June 20, 1904", and we know that Elizabeth Klugh filed for Civil War Pension benefits for John Klugh when he died on June 20, 1904.
The third (two of them) is for Albert Klugh Sr. He's a son of John and Liz, John A.(Albert); See 1870 Census.

1900 Elizabeth Klugh Family
Elizabeth Klugh
and Two of her
Sons' Families
1900 John Clugh
John Clugh
and second wife
1900 Albert Klugh1
Albert Klugh Sr-1
and family
1900 Albert Klugh2
Albert Klugh Sr-2
and family

1890 Census - Not available. The records were destroyed in a fire in 1921.

1880 Census

I have the 1880 census is for a William Klugh and his wife Agnes (Fairlie) Klugh. This William is our John's younger brother. I thought it important to include him as he has an interesting boarder: John Klugh - age 50.
I also have the Pauper and Indigent Schedule for Elizabeth Clugh when she lived in Sugar Creek, Armstrong County in 1880. Here, you will see the name of Klugh spelled with a "C".
In addition, I have the 1880 Federal Census for Elizabeth Clugh (with a "C") showing her and her children also listed as paupers.
One more for a Wm Klugh and his wife Maggie in East Brady.

1880 William Klugh
William F. & Agnes
(Fairlie) Klugh
1880 Elizabeth Clugh
Pauper Schedule
Elizabeth Clugh
1880 Elizabeth Clugh
Elizabeth Clugh
w/o John
1880 Wm Klugh
Wm Klugh and
Maggie (Margaret)

1870 Census

NOTE: A word should be said about the following entries written in the reports as "Clugh"...
Some time ago I had to give my last name to another person. As I spelled out my last name for him I said: "K*l*u...", but as I was spelling it, I saw him begin to write it as "C*l*u..." as if he didn't hear me. Do you see my point? Even though I spelled it out correctly, he wrote it as he thought it should be; the way it sounded. I stopped and corrected him and he apologized for his clerical error. With that in mind I offer the same explanation of "Klugh" being entered as "Clugh" in the 1870, 1850, 1820, and 1810 census'. Variations in a name doesn't necessarily mean it's a different person.

Samuel and Catherine are in their mid sixties and living with their daughter Hannah and her husband James Armstrong in Shelocta Borough in Indiana County just over the border from Armstrong County. 1870 Samuel Klugh
Samuel Klugh
66 years old
1870 John Clugh
John Clugh-1
with Elizabeth
1870 John Clugh
John Clugh-2
1870 John Clugh
John Clugh

1860 Census

1860 Samuel Clugh
Samuel Clugh
56 years old

1850 Census

Take note there are two charts for Samuel Clugh's family. The family members begin at the bottom of the first and then continue at the top of the second.
1850 Samuel Clugh
Samuel Clugh-1
45 years old
1850 Samuel Clugh
Samuel Clugh-2

For the remaining census reports, and prior to 1850, only the head of a household was named, with the other family members listed according to age group with either a hash-mark or the number of family members within that age group.

1840 Census

1840 Samuel Klugh
Samuel Klugh
betw 30-39 years old, Granville Twp,
Mifflin County, PA
Only one for 1840, but an important one... for Samuel Klugh (with a "K") living in Granville Township, Mifflin County, PA.   Mifflin County is where John said he was born (from his Civil War Pension papers). If for any reason, this entry demonstrates a definite migration path from eastern to western PA for our Klugh line.

1830 Census

NOTE for the 1830, 1820, and 1810 census':
Clarion County is just above Armstrong County, but it was originally considered part of, and created from, Armstrong and Venango Counties in 1839 when it was made into its own county. Also, Redbank Township (Twp) was part of Armstrong County until the counties separated, afterwhich a separate Redbank Twp was created for each county.

1830 John Clugh
John Clugh
Clarion Twp
Armstrong County
This and the next two entries aren't to suggest this is our John Clugh. The John in these entries is dated too early to be our John. He could be an uncle, cousin, or grandfather.

1820 Census

1820 John Clugh
John Clugh
Redbank Twp
Armstrong County

1810 Census

1810 John Clugh
John Clugh
Redbank Twp
Armstrong County

1800 Census

1800 John and Philip Clugh
John Clugh
Philip Clugh
Derry Twp
Mifflin County

1790 Census - Nothing pertinent.

Blank Census Forms

Click on links below (Will come up as PDF) - courtesy of Ancestry.com
1800 1810 1820 1830 1840 1850 1860 1870 1880 1890 1890 Veterans Schedule 1850 Slave Schedule 1860 Slave Schedule
1900 1910 1920 1930 1940-1 1940-2

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